Thursday, March 05, 2009

Classroom shenanigans and projects

Vanessa, Melanie, and Andrew! We missed you last class.

Despite my recovering from the flu, I was able to teach the class on Magical Symbols, Colors, and Altars and Shrines. We got to the end of the first trimester, so this means that the exam will be in two weeks! So if you've missed out on the classes, make sure you get in early next class to take some time to copy some of the notes we made in these classes. You'll need them to be able to pass the test.

Next week, the class will be divided into three parts:
1) Bring in your reading packs and we will discuss some of the sections you highlighted.
2) We will be watching a movie called The Goddess Remembered and discussing it.
3) I will give you time in class to prepare your Element Embodiment performance.

Also, in order to give you some context for all the material we've been covering, we've decided to perform our own ritual in class on April 8th 2009. It will be a ritualized spell of healing where we will be making protection stones.

Therefore, before April 8th, you need to find a small stone you wish to charge with healing energy. In selecting this stone, try to do some research on the lore behind the various stone types to make your choice more relevant.

Very exciting!

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