Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reaching me during the day

Where I work, my client has blocked stuff like Hotmail, Yahoo, and Facebook. This means I tend to get more productive, but it also means I won't be able to read anything you send to my Yahoo email address during the day.

I noticed that Edith is trying to tell me she probably won't make it to tonight's class (I guessing due to a work-related double-booking), but I can't read the message, nor can I respond to it.

Your best bet is to call me on my cellphone during the day if you need to reach me. If you don't have my number, remind me in class and I will repost my number.

Also, seeing how we have just a few classes left together, I feel the need to remind you all that you owe me three essays to complete the class:

1. History of Paper/Writing/Books/Book Binding
2. About [insert male deity here]
2. About [insert female deity here]

Thursday, May 21, 2009

About Wiccan Sacred Circle

For those of you who didn't take Meri's contact info or her website, here it is:

For more information on Therapeutic Touch:

Friday, May 15, 2009


This is just a quick note to my Level 1 students about their presentations on Deities and Cultures:

You people seriously Rock!

The presentations are great and the discussions are even better. This part of the course can sometimes be kinda painful, but you all are making it a pleasure. Thank you.

Remember that we have a guest lecturer coming in next week, so please bring a $5 gift for the guest lecturer.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Deity Presentations

Congrats to all my Level 1 student on their fantastic presentations on cultural deities. I've been giving this class a few times now and you're all finding new information that I didn't previously find or present.

Next week, there are three students who will be giving their presentations on Judeo-Christian, Monotheistic, and Islamic deities and beliefs. I can't remember who is doing what, but I highly recommend that you watch this debate on YouTube in relation to your presentation. I know I mentioned it before, but in case you've forgotten:

Admed Deedat vs Jimmy Swaggart

The debate presents two fascinating viewpoints on the same sacred text. Try to suspend your own bias and really listen to what both speakers have to say.