Monday, July 19, 2010

Kaleidoscope Gathering Workshop: Registration

In case you don't know, Kaleidoscope Gathering is a pagan festival that takes place at the end of July. This year, I've decided to give a workshop that requires re-registration and I needed an open web-space to post it. 


Due to popular demand, I have decided to give a boffo-weapon making workshop at KG. These are the weapons used in the various Warrior Circles that have become so popular over the years.

However, because I need to buy the materials ahead of time (glue, pipe-insulation foam, duct tape, pvc piping, etc.), I need to know how many people there will be in the workshop.

Therefore I will be taking a maximum of 15 people for the workshop. Although this workshop can be of interest to everybody, kids from 8 to 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (16 years +). 

Please send me an email (jdhobbes [at] to register yourself or your child for this workshop. The deadline to pre-register is July 25th 2010. Keep in mind that this workshop costs $5 per person (child and guardian count as one registrant).

If the demand is great enough, and the KG schedule can handle it, I may schedule a second workshop (assuming I can buy more materials in a nearby town).
Boffo Weapon Burgermeister

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