Friday, March 17, 2006

Been Quiet for Too Long

I just updated the blog with the blogs of my new students. Classes started again almost two months ago and I'm pleased to report that they're going great! This is due to a few factors:

1. Great students.
2. Amanda is co-teaching the class with me.
3. This is my second go at the course.

We started with four students and after the first third of the class, only one student has dropped out (with very good reasons). We'll miss you Louise!

I want to thank my students for getting through the first volley of classes and being so passionate about the lessons (especially for reading the reading pack on time for the in-class discussion!). I look forward to our classes every week!

I'll try to keep this blog updated and I will now be reading your blogs. Whee!


Whaledancer said...

Yes you have been quiet too long!!! I've missed your updates!!!

Taiga said...

You have both been wonderful teachers (for very little remuneration, I am sure). Hope we can make up for it by being attentive and enthusiastic.

Hobbes said...

Thanks! My students definitely are attentive and enthusiastic, so it's a pleasure!