Thursday, February 12, 2009

Experiencing energy on purpose

Big shout out to John and Rosanne for guest speaking in the class, teaching the students about grounding, centering, and taking note of the energy flow. Everyone had an experience of some kind, some more intense than others.

Training your mind and body to recognize energy flow takes practice. When people do it for the first time, either nothing will happen or everything will happen. The trick is taking note of what happens without over-analyzing it too much. If you notice your hands are tingling slightly, that's good. Focusing on that tingling will pull your meditative mind away from its attempt at sustaining awareness, which is the definition of distraction ("Oooh... shiny!").

We also got into some great discussion on the Wiccan Rede and the charges of the God and Goddess. Every time I got through those passages and the students discuss them, I get new insight. It's very cool.

Next week will be very exciting because John will return to the class to do more energy exercises. Because we're up in the room above the shop, we now have the room to move more freely about. I'm curious to see what people's experiences will be.

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