Thursday, February 05, 2009

New class in 2009!

I had my first class with my new set of students, all nine of them! Nine! This is my largest group so far and I hope they all stick it out until the end of the course.

My new resolution for this group is to be on time for class, which is a bit of a challenge since my client is two traffic jams away. But when I tried to complain about this, my student Syl replied with "Awww... shall I call you a WAAAAAHHHHmbulance?" True enough.

So Wednesday will be my half-day or full day off from work. I'll go into work in the morning, leave around noon, and make my way into the city. I'll either meet up with folks or just take my laptop with me so I can keep working with a pint within comfortable reach.

The first class was great! Everyone has great energy and enthusiasm, so I'm looking forward to some hearty discussion and debate over the next 18 weeks. I have a couple of CMS teachers who are guest-teaching for the next couple of weeks so we can try out the energy exercises, so that'll be fun.

I'll also try to update this blog more often. Check back soon!


jpwic said...

The first class was great Hobbes! And I am looking forward to the rest. Although I do hope to be a little more vocal in the future :)

knight said...

Hobbes, I am really enjoying the classes and I find them very interesting. I always look forward to wednesday nights.