Friday, April 23, 2010

Follow-up on the Gus DiZerega lecture

I contacted Gus about the story and this is the response I got:
Hi Hobbes-
It was many years ago- when Nixon went and Alsop (Stewart or Joseph- I don't remember, but it seems to be Stewart) got appendicitis and wrote a piece about watching it being removed via a mirror the docs gave him. That's all I remember - that and the reaction of the head of Yale's med school.
I just googled around and found another mention of what I remember here
This article gives some details I do not remember, but there is no mention of the head of Yale's med school saying it couldn't be true because their theories told them pain did not work that way.- so we likely are remembering the same column.
The Univ. of Maryland Medical Center discusses acupuncture in a way that fits Alsop's report, but does not mention him. (scroll down the article)
I think it was roo far back to be in Google. If you can find a copy of Alsop's columns (not his Saturday Evening Post pieces) and look around the time he accompanied Nixon to China, you'll find it.

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