Thursday, April 22, 2010

Major and Minor Sabbbats

As I do every time I talk about the Sabbats, I forget why they are labeled as Major and Minor. I promised the class I would look this up.

It turns out that the dates for the Major Sabbats fall on the first days of the months, while the Minor Sabbats occur in the midpoints (ish) of the months. Therefore:

Major Sabbats:
  • Samhain: October 31st - November 1st
  • Imbolc: February 1st
  • Bealtane: May 1st
  • Lammas: August 1st

Minor Sabbats:
  • Yule: December 20-22
  • Ostara: March 19-21
  • Litha: June 20-22
  • Mabon: September 20-22

There is an excellent article on the Sabbats and the Wheel of the Year at Wikipedia:

Please ignore what I said about Samhain being on October 22. I think I may have been on teh goofballs.

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