Monday, October 24, 2005

New Links and Info

I've been going through the journals, homework, and exams and I'm pleased to say that my students take their studies very seriously. More than just repeating what they were told, they've obviously done some serious thinking and research of their own on the topics we've covered.

If there's one thing I want them to learn is that their search for knowledge should never end. The course they are taking with us is only a springboard.

I've been asked by Montreal Sabbats to lead the public Yule ritual (December 17th), so I've started to do some of my own research to design a kick-ass ritual that everyone will enjoy. In doing so, I found some interesting links (which I've added to this page on the side).

Since we'll be covering the Sabbats in the next few classes, you'll probably find these interesting:

Encyclopedia Mythica
Pagan Chant Library
The Sabbats
God Checker

See you on Wednesday!

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Anonymous said...

oh maaaaaaaan. I'm gonna miss it!!!!!!