Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I'm very pleased to hear that my students are enjoying the course and are intending to continue with it. I'm thanking the Gods that Scarlet is teaching the class with me (providing the more academic side while I expound upon the experiential side), but I'm looking forward to a time when I'll be comfortable enough to teach the class on my own.

The next couple of classes will be more relaxed since we'll be watching some pagan-related films and opening the floor to discussion and debate (my favourite).

I hope we're all still around so that I can see my students perform their own ritual.


Anonymous said...

Our own Rits???! When is that? panic panic panic
Hobbes, you need to give yourself more credit. Sure Scarlet is amazingly smart and well educated but you also have a wealth of info and experience to pass along and you do it very well. You challenge our opinions and makes us think outside our little boxes and what more can we ask of a teacher. Except maybe an A.
Jedi mind trick voice{ you want to give us all A's. this is the grade you will give us...}

T. Scarlet said...

Shame he is not giving the exam this week. *heehee*

Anonymous said...